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The Map is Back!

After finished The Mini Cottages IV I decided to get the Olde World Map out again. I decided to work on the bottom left again. Here is what is did look like:

It now looks like this:

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Mini Cottages progress

I’ve finished stitching one half…


… started the backstitch …image

it makes such a difference!

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Mini Cottages IV

I am loving stitching this! It is nearly finished, I’m so pleased :-)

As can be seen, there isn’t too much left:

It was my birthday earlier this week, and I received Mini Cottages II from my husband, yay!

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Mini Cottages 4

As you know I’ve been sharing my sewing time between Mini Cottages 4 and Beach Huts. The past couple of nights I have been working on the former, and I am now this far:

The hills are taking shape, and one of the roofs is complete. It is so colourful and so fun to sew! I’m really enjoying it :-)

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A Windy Day Update

I spent some time at Mum and Dad’s yesterday and have got a little bit more done:

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Map Away, Cottage Out

I have spent a lot of time on the Olde World Map, but have decided to put it away for a while. Here is how far I got up to on the quarter I was doing:

Here is an overall progress picture:

Not great photography but you get the general idea!

I have decided to go back to the Cottage and Bridge piece I was working on. This is the design:

And here is where I left off:

It clearly needs an iron but it should be fun to stitch this again.

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A Windy Day

As I have completed my sewing project at Mum and Dad’s, I have the pleasure of starting a new one! I went round yesterday with this one to start:

This is another All Our Yesterdays piece – created by DMC, the same as Playing on the Swing. As you can tell my lighting wasn’t great, which made sorting the threads out hard…it ended up coming down to a process of elimination! I often find sorting threads out hard, what they class as “dark peach” I would call red! Never mind, got the floss sorted so was ready to go:

However, it took so long to sort the threads out, I didn’t get much done:

At least it has been started…! If you can’t tell, that is the beginning of the sea. This looks like it will be another fun one to create. Hopefully I’ll get more done when I am round there later this week.

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The Girl

I haven’t stitched this for a long time, but last night the girl in the red coat came out again. This is how far I got last night:

I have decided to bring this home so it is finished in time for Christmas. I have been stitching tonight in front of a film, and I am now here:

The top of this is harder than the bottom, several different shades of brown and green but I am enjoying it :-)

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Map Update

I’ve been able to give this some more time, and I think it is looking great:

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The Map

I haven’t had much time for stitching or blogging, but here is where I am up too:

I’m still loving this design! I’m not sure I’ll be able to give it away….

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