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The Present!

So I have been working on this again. It is coming along nicely – I hope the recipient likes it! The back stitch is tough as it isn’t neatly along the edge. However it does make the pattern look good

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Currently Stitching

I have a few pieces on the go at the moment:

The first is The Olde World Map which will be a present for my father-in-law:

This is just the top left hand corner but I think it is coming along nicely.

The second piece is another present. This is a 60th wedding anniversary sampler for my grandparents. It is also my UFO (that is an unfinished object). On the Cross Stitch Forum, the first week of every month is dedicated to UFO’s, so this is what I’m sewing this week:

Not a lot has been done I agree but there should be a vast improvement by the end of the week.

The final piece I am sewing is what I do when I am at my parent’s house. This just saves me carrying all my cross stitch stuff around:

It is seasonal but I am really enjoying it anyway.

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