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It’s Finished!

All the stitching is done:

But more importantly….it’s finished!!

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Holiday Cross Stitch

I’ve just been to Cornwall, and whilst I was away I stitched this:

This is actually a scented one – honeysuckle, and it smelt really good!

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A Collection of Work

I have framed the anniversary sampler:

(Yes that is me with my finished piece!)

I have spent some time at my parents recently so I have been working on my piece there:

At home I started a new section on The Olde World Map. The first corner is not finished but  I fancied a change:

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Finished! Anniversary Sampler

Well it is all done, and in plenty of time before the party:

I’m really happy with how this looks! It wasn’t the most fun to stitch but I think my Grandparents will love it.

Here are some progress photos:

I’ve been stitching this on and off for a couple of months and I’m glad it is finished! I have a couple of complaints:

  1. What a rubbish needle they provided. It was so hard to thread, and it didn’t stay gold for long.
  2. The pattern for the most part was fine to follow but for the backstitch they used the same thick black line for each colour. I found myself reverting to the picture to work out what colour I should be using.

Apart from those two comments this was fine to stitch, just not as fun as others I have finished lately. I will try to post a picture of it framed :)

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