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The Olde World Map

Olde World MapI’m very excited to announce that I finally finished The Olde World Map! I finished it last June, a couple of weeks before I gave birth. We have only just found the time to frame it and put it up but I am so glad it is now on the wall. This took me nearly 3 years to make – although I did have some breaks from it. Most of the time I loved making it and it is now on display in my hallway. I am really, really pleased with it.

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The Olde World Map

I have put this one away as I am making a present for someone but I made some good progress with the bottom left corner:


There are two areas of backstitch that I have completed – the edging and one of the crests:

I love this, even if it is taking a long time :-)

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It’s Finished!

All the stitching is done:

But more importantly….it’s finished!!

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Mini Cottages iv


Here is where I am up too! I am loving it :-)

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Michael Powell Mini Cottages IV

I couldn’t help myself and have just had to start this:

Ready to go:

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Playing on the Swing Completed!

Just as I hoped, I have finished The Girl!

Here she is, framed:

Here I am holding it, very pleased!

I have put it on top of my bookcases, and it will come out every Christmas!

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A Collection of Work

I have framed the anniversary sampler:

(Yes that is me with my finished piece!)

I have spent some time at my parents recently so I have been working on my piece there:

At home I started a new section on The Olde World Map. The first corner is not finished but  I fancied a change:

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UFO Time Again!

It is that time of the month again! So here is where I got up to with the Olde World Map:

And as it is UFO time I will be back working on the anniversary sampler. Here is where I am up too:

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Switching Projects

Well I have decided to put away the anniversary sampler until the next UFO. Here is where I have got up to:

This is starting to look good, but to be honest, it is a bit boring!

I am moving back to the Olde World Map:

I love stitching this!

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Anniversary Doves

This week I have continued with the anniversary sampler. I have just sown the doves, and I like them!

Here is where I am up too:

I am going to keep stitching this over the weekend. Will update before I put it away.

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