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Hooded Towel

Hooded TowelThis weekend I learnt how to make something very important: the hooded towel! I made a couple using old towels I had at home before I paid any money for new towels. The above image shows the completed towel for my 8 month old son. We have found that shops don’t tend to sell hooded towels in any size larger than new born so I am pleased I have taught myself how to do this. To teach myself I used this tutorial, which I found on Pinterest. I am really happy with the final result and have made one as a baby shower present – let’s hope they like it too!

Here is one of my practice towels:

Blue hooded towel

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Two New Bookmarks

I’ve been experimenting with designs for a present and have designed these two:

Feel free to use them and change the name and letter but do read the copyright rules. Thanks

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Cross Bookmark Design

Here is my latest design:

I have used blue in this design and only in select areas, but you could use a different colour and in any area. Below is the design without any filling:


Copyright © 2010 Katie Leversuch

Here are the rules:

  • Feel free to make them but do not sell them.
  • If you do stitch them please notify me so I can post them on this site. The email address is
  • Do not use the designs to make them into a kit
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