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I love reading and cross-stitching. I split most of my time doing those two things! I am married and a born-again Christian who loves life!

Mini Cottages I

I have found some time amidst the decorating to work on this:

I love this series and really enjoying this. About half way through now, so far so good!

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Mini Cottages I

I have finished the top right hand corner of this, really enjoying it:


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Mini Cottages I

I’ve moved onto another project! I’ve decided to make the Mini Cottage I:


This is where I am up to:


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The Olde World Map and Greek Islands

I have decided to put the Map aside until we move, but this is where I got up too:

While I am waiting to move I am working on a bookmark by Michael Powell – the Greek Island one:

This is where I am up too:

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The Olde World Map

I’ve been doing some more work on this piece. I had forgotten how fun this is to stitch :-)

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The Map is Back!

After finished The Mini Cottages IV I decided to get the Olde World Map out again. I decided to work on the bottom left again. Here is what is did look like:

It now looks like this:

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It’s Finished!

All the stitching is done:

But more importantly….it’s finished!!

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Two New Bookmarks

I’ve been experimenting with designs for a present and have designed these two:

Feel free to use them and change the name and letter but do read the copyright rules. Thanks

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Mini Cottages progress

I’ve finished stitching one half…


… started the backstitch …image

it makes such a difference!

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Mini Cottages IV

I am loving stitching this! It is nearly finished, I’m so pleased :-)

As can be seen, there isn’t too much left:

It was my birthday earlier this week, and I received Mini Cottages II from my husband, yay!

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