A Windy Day

As I have completed my sewing project at Mum and Dad’s, I have the pleasure of starting a new one! I went round yesterday with this one to start:

This is another All Our Yesterdays piece – created by DMC, the same as Playing on the Swing. As you can tell my lighting wasn’t great, which made sorting the threads out hard…it ended up coming down to a process of elimination! I often find sorting threads out hard, what they class as “dark peach” I would call red! Never mind, got the floss sorted so was ready to go:

However, it took so long to sort the threads out, I didn’t get much done:

At least it has been started…! If you can’t tell, that is the beginning of the sea. This looks like it will be another fun one to create. Hopefully I’ll get more done when I am round there later this week.

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